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A friend asked me, in a rather casual way, about why I prefer to date the Indian girls. I felt that the best way to answer this question is to share a simple story about my life.

I am Indian and this is what my life is like. I grew up in India and went to India at the age of 13 to study engineering. I have lived in India for 20 years now, where I have worked for some of the world's biggest and most reputable engineering firms, including IBM, Intel, Cisco, HP and Samsung. I am currently working with Samsung as a software engineer.

I love my family and I want to leave the life I have known for as long as I can, with the same freedom and dignity that they have given me and my wife. I also want to leave my life in a country that values women as equal partners in the home and workplace.

I am tired of living in a country where it is not OK for men to ask their female colleagues for a date.

Women who don't want to go on dates because it's not a part of the culture are treated like criminals for not having the "right" to a date. If you read the article, you will see how they treated this Indian woman who was not dating, but they made it an act of hate. I know that I am one of them. I will leave this country now. My first attempt was to get a visa to visit the United States but after reading about these stories, I decided to go to India instead. I was so happy with my decision that I went to the airport to change my travel plans. After changing to my Indian visa and entering the country, I was told by an Indian man that I was to be deported because I was going to be in the US for a month and a half. "That's not going to happen, is it?" he asked me. I replied that it was possible.

"We can come back after the US tour ends, I know a lawyer in Los Angeles that can help you and make a petition for a waiver," he said. I told him that he did not have the authority to tell me that because he was not a citizen of the US. I was just being polite, but he became very angry and said that my visa was a fraud, that it was an extension of the visa he had previously issued me. I replied, "You're being disrespectful to the US and to your fellow Indians, you've got to leave me alone, I am Indian. I was just talking to you as a friend, not a criminal. I will return to India when the tour is over." I left him to go and get a lawyer, he did not reply for a while, I then said to him, "You know that you've just insulted me and my country, so I'll do what I want." He said, "Yes, you will be deported back to the United States if you don't comply, and I'll be here to assist you." The next morning when I got out of the airport in my car, I could not find my friends. "I can't find my friends," I said to my friends, "I left them because I couldn't find them. Do you know what happened to me?" "Yes, I saw you leaving and I called my boss," they said, "I know that you will come back to India, if you have to go." I went and found my friends, but they were gone. I called the boss. He told me that my wife and my kids had gone to work, he also said that he would talk to my wife and kids, and after that we'll talk. On a Thursday I got a phone call. "Mr. Bikram," he said, "I have received your message." "Hello?" I said, "I am going to India in a few days." "Well," he said, "you must come back soon." "I know," I said, "but I'm going to India anyway." "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes," I said, "I'm going." "That's good news, I'm sure you'll do your best." He started to laugh, "I know you won't!" I said, "I'll see you soon," and hung up. I went out for a few hours, went into my hotel room, called up my wife and told her that I was going to India, but I had a feeling that she didn't have the courage to come back home. Later that day, I started to feel ill, I couldn't breathe, I got a fever, I was really sick. I decided to go home and went to the hospital. I was lying on a bed. I felt like I couldn't breathe and my head was hurting, I couldn't even get up. My wife came in, I told her what was happening, and she said, "Why don't you go back to the hotel?" I replied, "I don't want to." She said, "Come on, I'm going to take you there," and went out, she started crying. I said, "Please come back." She cried even more. I decided to go, I could feel my body getting sicker and sicker. I walked towards the hospital, and as soon as I walked in, I heard a doctor say, "What is wrong with you?" I told him the same thing that I was saying before, but he had already told my wife, "You should just go home." I couldn't do it anymore, I told my wife, "No, come back." She told me to get up. I looked around at my wife and her friends and I just started crying. I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I kept on crying, I could hear them crying. So, she went and got a friend, and told him, "What's wrong? What's going on?" He said, "I don't know, I'm getting so tired, I'm getting weak." So, I walked back to my hotel room, I couldn't even stand up. Then, I started seeing things that I can't understand. I kept on going to the hospital, I didn't have anything to eat. My wife was in a bit of a panic. I said to her, "I don't feel like eating, I feel like I'm going to die, my stomach feels really swollen." Then, a friend of mine told me, "You're going to be okay, it's okay, we're going to take care of you." He said, "Go back to the hospital and get something to eat." So, I did, and I got so weak that I just collapsed. I went to the hospital, I was very weak, I don't remember much. I was in a hospital in Bangalore for 2 days. It's true, it is difficult, it's a very difficult thing. People are watching you. Even if you are doing well in school, if you don't have a good education, people can be watching you very carefully.