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Here is the video:

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I have been looking for someone to take care of me for a long time now and as a result of my previous marriage and my work, I am now the sole provider for my family. After a few years of working and caring for the family, I decided to get out from my job, travel abroad, and explore some new places in the world. I had read several things about India and knew that there was something special about India. The country has a lot of history, culture, history, and people. In my first couple of months abroad I met a lot of very interesting and lovely people. India is a fascinating and magical country. I really enjoyed my trip, and it was a very memorable experience. I love India. India has a lot to offer. It is a beautiful country with rich history. I will continue to travel there. It's a fantastic country to be. The other thing about India, it's always been in the news. When I got married, I made sure that I bought a passport. I bought my passport a couple of months after my wedding. So, I was able to come to the United States and I'm a citizen. So that's another reason why I wanted to do this project.

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