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I have been a dating and marriage counsellor for some time. I love to help men and women find the right partner for them, and find love and happiness.

My experience with Indian women is very different from my experience with English speaking, white American women. Indian women are much more intelligent, thoughtful, and very intuitive about how to manage relationships. It was only a few years ago when I first met Indian women and the differences between them and men were much more obvious.

Here are 5 things that I find unique about Indian women that I am very fond of. 1. Indian women are very open about their love lives. They tend to be very honest and open about their personal lives. I've seen a few beautiful girls who have had relationships with men that were much older and much more famous than me. I've also met many Indian women who love and appreciate their older male friends . It's not that Indian women are hiding who they are, it's that they feel it's not a big deal to show their love for a man beyond their marriage. The same goes for Indian men. When I saw an Indian guy who was not married, and who seemed like a normal Indian guy, he was totally normal and very sweet.

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