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Barely a month has passed since India witnessed a coup. The events of November 28 were a culmination of a month of escalating discontent on social media. The government had a plan for the next week, after which they would hold a national day of mourning.

"What's this? A general election! What does this mean?" a tweet from an account called #TheRealShikar asks. "A coup d'etat! Why are you not discussing it on Facebook? Are you ashamed? #TheRealShikar," read another.

The protests started on November 20 when indian americans dating the government issued a notification announcing the date for general elections, which is scheduled to take place in December. The government was seeking the mandate to run for another term in the next general elections. This is when the protests began, as people took to the streets to protest against the government. As the months went by, the protests grew in numbers and all cupid dating sites started showing signs of becoming larger, as the hashtag #TheRealShikar took on a life of its own. The protest started in New Delhi, but eventually spread across the country. "The government's decision to annul the elections has led to a massive and sustained demonstration in many of the major cities, with hundreds of thousands of people protesting peacefully in major cities," the Delhi Police said. "There have also been sporadic incidents of violent protests against the government by small groups of people, but these are very rare." "Demonstrations in New Delhi have become much more organized as of late and the mood is quite different from what it was just a few weeks ago. Police have also resorted to use of live fire to disperse the crowds and some violence has occurred in parts of the city. "This is something that we have not seen from any other government in this part of the country and we hope that these protests turn out in a peaceful manner," the Delhi Police added. "It is a very unfortunate day that these elections have been annulled and the Indian people are once again going through a political storm," one of the organisers of the protests, Sreeja Srinivasan, told The Independent. "The police did not allow us to come into Delhi, the media is not allowed into the city so we have to take to the streets in a peaceful way. We had to organize ourselves and make it very visible to the people here." "The protest in New Delhi is a political move to get rid of the AAP, who is trying to make the country more democratic and the AAP is a pro-poor party. We are here to express our feelings against AAP. We also want to know if cupid dating website India will be free from corruption, or whether there will be more corruption in India. It is very disturbing that there are so many corrupt politicians in India," another protestor told Reuters. "People are angry, and they're going to take to the streets," she said. "We will not be afraid of the police. The police did not let us go to the police station, the media is not allowed to go into the city so we decided to go to the protest." "The police has been making it so difficult for us to protest. They have no respect for us. There is a lot of harassment of women here. There are a lot of problems with the police," said another woman. This isn't the first time the issue of sexism in India has been raised in the streets. A few months ago in Pune women took to the streets to protest the recent rape and murder of a minor girl. Many women were afraid to approach the police, the local media and even the national police to report the crime. There was so much hatred and anger over this incident that the police didn't even give the victims of the rape a statement. It seems that Indians have a really hard time accepting the concept of gender equality, especially when it comes to women. Many women in India average male height in india have been left without any protection at all. They can be raped, beaten and even killed. Even in India, it's a difficult time for men. As I've written before, many people are very quick to defend the men who commit these crimes, as they feel like the woman is always to blame. Some will even use rape as an excuse to get their revenge on a woman, often attacking her in a fit of rage, just because she dared to try to complain about a man. We've heard this before, but I've always wondered if it was a case of men's feelings being hurt. The women of India are still a very strange and complicated place, even for those of us who love the country. It's not just that some of the women are really strange and strange looking. I mean, I know many women here who are very sweet, and very pretty. There are also a lot of people who are incredibly smart, and very funny, and really smart. Some of the women here are extremely nice. But even the nicest, kindest women have flaws. And sometimes that's all it takes to put you in a place of being a little paranoid about things. This is why people in India don't really like each other. This is what I like to call 'the world of the ugly'. 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